Bulk Check “Enable SSL” Checkbox in WordPress

I think this is really going to be my last post of the year! I promise!!!

I recently discovered that, for some reason, there does not appear to be a built-in way to set the Enable SSL checkbox on multiple posts in WordPress.

While there may not be an app for that – there is now a script for that!

Run this against your MySQL WordPress database:

INSERT INTO `wp_postmeta` (post_id, meta_key, meta_value)
SELECT DISTINCT post_parent, 'itsec_enable_ssl', 1
FROM `wp_posts`
WHERE post_parent NOT IN (
    FROM `wp_postmeta`
    WHERE meta_key = 'itsec_enable_ssl' and meta_value = 1)
AND post_parent <> 0;

You may need to change the “wp_” prefix on the table names if you have changed those for security purposes. This works with the current version of WordPress, version 4.9.1.

You can run the script multiple times to no ill effect. Just make sure you have SSL set up properly before using this.

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