QSL Query for Google Glass

This Glassware is, as far as I know, the first Google Glass application associated with the hobby of amateur radio. It is used to look up FCC call sign information, primarily for use in filling out QSL cards. Currently, the information returned by QSL Query includes the name, address, and license class of the person associated with the submitted call sign. In the box at the top of the screen, you will see recent timeline items (if any exist) created by this app. In order to look up a call sign, a search card must be present. To insert a new one, click the appropriate button. Using Glass, reply to the search card with the call sign to be researched. The phonetic alphabet must be used for each letter, not the letter itself. Shortly, a new card containing the call sign information will show up on your timeline. You can share the information on Google+ and Facebook, email it to any contacts from Gmail you’ve set up in Glass, and read it aloud with Glass. They can be deleted using Glass or using the button below the respective item. Also, you can delete all items from this app in your timeline by clicking the button labeled “Delete All Timeline Items”.

David Young, AE5DY

If the frame below is not showing, you may go directly to the application website.

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