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Code School Classes Are Complete…For Now…

My Code School Report Card

Over the course of the last year, I’ve been slowly making my way through all of the Code School Paths, and I finally finished the iOS Path today.

My Code School Report Card

My Code School Report Card, as of 6-22-2015

I saved iOS for the end, in the hopes that the Objective C classes would be retired in favor of newer Swift classes, but those haven’t even been published yet.

After a year of classes, I maintain that Code School is well worth the price tag ($29/month or $290/year) as long as you stay committed to a schedule of study. It’s a wealth of information for this price, but you won’t learn it unless you do it.

This past year, Code School was purchased by Pluralsight, so I only expect the classes and class offerings to continue to improve. I’m still waiting on that Python path, which I hear is in development.

While I’m also waiting on Swift classes from Code School, I plan to take the iOS 8 Immersive course, which covers Swift, at bitfountain.io. For $149, it’s quite reasonable, as long as it delivers what is promised.

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