Code School Classes Are Complete…For Now…

Over the course of the last year, I’ve been slowly making my way through all of the Code School Paths, and I finally finished the iOS Path today.

My Code School Report Card
My Code School Report Card, as of 6-22-2015

I saved iOS for the end, in the hopes that the Objective C classes would be retired in favor of newer Swift classes, but those haven’t even been published yet.

After a year of classes, I maintain that Code School is well worth the price tag ($29/month or $290/year) as long as you stay committed to a schedule of study. It’s a wealth of information for this price, but you won’t learn it unless you do it.

This past year, Code School was purchased by Pluralsight, so I only expect the classes and class offerings to continue to improve. I’m still waiting on that Python path, which I hear is in development.

While I’m also waiting on Swift classes from Code School, I plan to take the iOS 8 Immersive course, which covers Swift, at For $149, it’s quite reasonable, as long as it delivers what is promised.

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