Missing Components After Moving a ColdFusion Site

Last week I was tasked with moving several of my applications from one CF 8 server to another one, due to the first server’s VM host having some kind of problem requiring daily restarts of the VM by our infrastructure team.

After moving two applications, the users began complaining that one of the functions in one of the applications that had previously worked perfectly was not working at all for some users now.

IE 11 Developer Tools window
IE 11 Developer Tools window showing debugger options

By opening Developer Tools in Internet Explorer (this is not a Chrome-compatible application), and setting the “Break on all exceptions” option in the debugger, I was able to begin troubleshooting the problem.

The exceptions in JavaScript that were being thrown dealt with missing classes, including declared ColdFusion components and ColdFusion.Ajax functions.

I remembered at that point that I had forgotten to do something that all ColdFusion developers should do on each application: to create the CFIDE virtual directory in IIS.

Once this simple task was done, everything worked as expected.

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