Quick Fixes on SSIS with Oracle Data Sources

I’m currently in the process of building out an ODS (Operational Data Store) that will integrate data from multiple systems and make that data available for reporting using Spotfire and other BI tools.

Both the ODS DBMS and the first system that will be used as a source for the data in the ODS run on Oracle Database. I am using Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 64-bit to build an SSIS package to flow the data from the source into the ODS.

In debugging the SSIS package, I’ve run into a few things that make troubleshooting much easier. The first thing to know is that the Oracle Database (in this case) is a 32-bit system. The first thing that must be done after loading the SSIS package into Visual Studio is making sure that the Run64BitRuntime setting is set to False in the project’s Properties box. (This can be found in the PROJECT menu.)

Since the data sources for the ODS are Oracle, the SQL queries used to pull data must conform to Oracle syntax. To prevent things like SSIS automatically adding semicolons to the queries (and preventing me from adding them myself), I set the BypassPrepare property to True. This should allow the query to run the same way in SSIS as it does in SQL Developer. (If this is set to False, SSIS will parse the query rather than passing it to Oracle.) This setting made writing queries much easier, as I could test them in SQL Developer and paste them into SSIS without having to rewrite them to conform to SSIS.

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