Data Transformation Tool Built for the 2014 Open Houston Hackathon – “Mr. CSV Transformer”

This past weekend, over 200 people attended the second annual Open Houston Hackathon. The project I worked on with my team proved to be very interesting, not only because of its focus – making government more efficient through the sharing of purchasing data using the Price History application developed originally by the GSA, and certainly not least because of the two men I had the privilege of collaborating with – but also because half of the project involved developing a tool that could have wide application apart from the Price History application.

The tool that we developed was forked from another similar product called “Mr. Data Converter” that would allow a CSV or tab delimited file to easily be converted into many other formats. The product I worked on has even greater functionality – the exclusion, reordering, and renaming of columns to produce one that can be uploaded into another application. The tool my team produced is called “Mr. CSV Transformer”.

open source data transformation tool

Clever, no? While many tools exist that can do this (such as SSIS) this is a Web-based tool that can easily be used by someone who may not have the time to learn or use these other more complicated tools. This is a purely HTML / JavaScript / jQuery based tool that does not require any special type of Web server, as all the work is done in the front end. No need for node.js, Rails, ColdFusion, etc. Just Apache, IIS, or whatever flavor of Web server you prefer will work just fine. Also, I am currently hosting it from a GitHub page, so you don’t even have to install it yourself.

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