Michael Hartl’s Ruby on Rails 4.0 Tutorial

Ruby on Rails, even eight years after its first release, is still recognized as one of the best frameworks for Web applications for many reasons, not the least of which are its cost (it’s free) and its scalability (sites as big as Twitter have used it).

Rails 4.0 was released last year, and soon after, Michael Hartl updated his famous Rails Tutorial.

For those wanting to learn RoR, the Rails Tutorial is (in my opinion) the best way to do it.

I’ve just begun working through the latest release of the tutorial, and have so far been pleased with the small number of typos and various errata that are common in technical instruction manuals.

One error I encountered with the default gemfile configuration file provided in the Rails Tutorial had to do with the versions of sass-rails and coffee-rails. The Tutorial suggests that you use (exactly) version ‘4.0.0’ for both of these gems, but I got an error like this:

Bundler could not find compatible versions for gem "railties":
  In Gemfile:
    rails (= 4.0.0) ruby depends on
      railties (= 4.0.0) ruby

    sass-rails (= 4.0.0) ruby depends on
      railties (4.1.0.rc1)

I set both of these gems to ‘~> 4.0.0’, and both bundle update and bundle install worked fine. My gemfile is below:

source 'https://rubygems.org'
ruby '2.0.0'

gem 'rails', '4.0.0'

group :development do
	gem 'sqlite3', '1.3.7'

group :production do
	gem 'pg', '0.15.1'
	gem 'rails_12factor', '0.0.2'

gem 'sass-rails', '~>; 4.0.0'
gem 'uglifier', '2.1.1'
gem 'coffee-rails', '~>; 4.0.0'
gem 'jquery-rails', '2.2.1'
gem 'turbolinks', '1.1.1'
gem 'jbuilder', '1.0.2'

group :doc do
  gem 'sdoc', '0.3.20', require: false

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