Cloning a Repository from the Command Line with Bonobo Git Server

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I recently set up Bonobo Git Server on a Windows Server running IIS.

I implemented Windows Authentication for the Bonobo Web interface as per the instructions on the Bonobo site.

I created a repository called “Test” using the Web interface, which — assuming you use the folder names in the instructions — is at http://servername/Bonobo.Git.Server.Interface.

However, when trying to clone the Test repository at the command line, I was getting nowhere when putting in the username as “domain\username”, as is the usual convention in Windows.

The URL for cloning this repository using “git clone” is http://servername/Bonobo.Git.Server/Test.git. By entering the username as “username@domain” (all lowercase, no quotes) at the username prompt, and entering the user’s password at the password prompt, I was able to clone the repository.

While I did not try this, I think http://username@domain@servername/Bonobo.Git.Server/Test.git as the URL should work as well.