Learning Enough to be Dangerous – Go From Being a Novice to an Advanced Developer

current courses at Learn Enough to be Dangerous

While I think the venerable Ruby on Rails Tutorial is still the best way to learn Rails, jumping into this tutorial can be challenging for those who are new to programming.

With the fourth and latest beta of Rails 5 being released this past week, it is appropriate that Michael Hartl, the creator of the Rails Tutorial, has devised yet another tool to help new and experienced developers learn enough to make the most of it.

Appropriately, the title of this site is “Learn Enough to Be Dangerous”.

current courses at Learn Enough to be Dangerous

As of the end of April 2016, only three “Learn Enough” courses are available: Command Line, Text Editor, and Git. However, future courses including HTML, CSS & Layout, JavaScript, Ruby, Sinatra, and the Ruby on Rails Tutorial for Rails 5 are scheduled to be added.

The cost is $29 per month, the same as Code School (if you subscribe on a per-month basis to CS). Unlike CS, there is not yet a discounted yearly rate.

Since I’m excited to see the new Rails Tutorial as soon as it’s released, I’ve decided to sign up. Were it not for the access to this mammoth resource, I don’t know that I would pay this price – but considering that the Rails Tutorial with screencasts generally costs about $150 by itself, it seems like a reasonable deal. At any rate, I’ve come to expect only the highest quality learning materials from Dr. Hartl, so I am definitely looking forward to the upcoming classes.

Cloning a Repository from the Command Line with Bonobo Git Server

git logo

I recently set up Bonobo Git Server on a Windows Server running IIS.

I implemented Windows Authentication for the Bonobo Web interface as per the instructions on the Bonobo site.

I created a repository called “Test” using the Web interface, which — assuming you use the folder names in the instructions — is at http://servername/Bonobo.Git.Server.Interface.

However, when trying to clone the Test repository at the command line, I was getting nowhere when putting in the username as “domain\username”, as is the usual convention in Windows.

The URL for cloning this repository using “git clone” is http://servername/Bonobo.Git.Server/Test.git. By entering the username as “username@domain” (all lowercase, no quotes) at the username prompt, and entering the user’s password at the password prompt, I was able to clone the repository.

While I did not try this, I think http://username@domain@servername/Bonobo.Git.Server/Test.git as the URL should work as well.